We currently support the following non profit organisations that are dedicated to to the rescure and care of pets. We encourage you to support these organisations by either donating Paw Bucks, Food or accessories.


Husky Rescue KZN rescues stray and unwanted huskies as far as their capacity and financial resources allows them to. They treat, sterilize, microchip, rehabilitate and foster these huskies until they can find appropriate homes for them.

Given their unique nature and needs, their adoption process is very strict. They take care of an average of 50 huskies at any given time. The running costs of taking care of their dogs are nothing short of R30 000 a month. Sometimes they are with them for as short a time as a week. Most of the dogs are with them for several months before they find them a good home.

Tel: 078 040 8282


KITTEN ACTION was launched in 1998 to rescue feral and abandoned kittens and to care for them until they are old enough to go to permanent homes.

Because most animal welfare shelters do not have the staff, funds, facilities, or sadly, sometimes even the will, to care for under-age, sickly or unsocialised kittens, these animals are usually “put to sleep” immediately.

Scores of unwanted or abandoned kittens, who would otherwise be put down or die cruel deaths are saved every year by Kitten Action, a Durban-based organisation that takes in kittens from as young as a few hours old and bottle-feeds them. More importantly, it finds homes for them and ensures that they are sterilized before reaching six months of age.

Name of account Kitten Action
Branch Code: 045726
Account number: 202317218