Jock Junior 8KG & 20KG

Suitable for all puppies, growing dogs, late pregnant and lactating bitches.

The role that nutrition plays in keeping your dog healthy is absolutely critical. Jock Value is specially formulated to completely address these needs and keep your pooch a few steps ahead of the rest.

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Jock Junior (8KG & 20KG)

Suitable for all puppies, growing dogs, late pregnant and lactating bitches.

Just as babies are not miniature adults, puppies are not smaller, younger versions of dogs. The growth and development of a puppy is hard work, and special nutrition is required. Young dogs require a wholesome diet that is balanced and easy to digest and are especially sensitive to the effects of dietary deficiencies, toxins, and poor
quality ingredients.

JOCK Junior is scientifically formulated with your puppy’s health in mind, using only the highest quality ingredients, and containing everything your new pup needs to stay fit and healthy.

Because they lack the ability to digest large amounts of food at one time, it is important to divide a puppy’s diet into two or more meals. Feed your pup at least three meals per day up to 4 months of age. Dividing the meal into two meals is recommended after 4 months and has the added benefit of reducing the risk of bloating, especially in deep-chested dogs.


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Jock Value


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