Vondi’s Health Biscuits Rosehip & Devil’s Claw 200g

Every dog deserves a treat, whether to affirm good behaviour, as an in-between snack or to celebrate Christmas or other such festive occasions. A biscuit that contains sugar, dairy or preservatives is no good and can lead to a variety of adverse medical conditions like skin allergies. Jenny Morris is one of South Africa’s most popular celebrity chefs. Together with Vondi’s, they have produced a range of healthy biscuits that are tasty and affordable.

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For adult or aging companions, supplementing diet with enriched natural minerals and vitamins is well advised. This is especially true for dogs and cats that are likely to experience arthritic and hip dysphasia problems, which is very common with large breed dogs and almost all aging animals. Devils Claw and Rosehip is a must for all aging animals. DEVILS CLAW – For thousands of years, the Khoisan people have used devil’s claw root in remedies to treat pain and inflammation and many other medical ailments. Devil’s claw is used for degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis, for back pain, and as an appetite stimulant and digestive tonic. Scientific evidence supports the use of devil’s claw root to help relieve pain and inflammation in people with arthritis and other painful disorders. The same would apply for our pets. ROSEHIP – The pain-relieving properties of rosehip, which has previously been linked to reduced inflammation in osteoarthritis. Scientists have found that powder made from a wild variety of rosehip, Rosa canina, is better at reducing pain in patients than glucosamine, a treatment prescribed by many vets. The Daily Telegraph in its headline claimed that Rosehip was ‘better than painkillers’ for arthritis” . “Researchers have found that it is three times more effective than standard paracetamol at relieving pain and 40% more effective than Glucosamine.


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